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March 13, 2013


DEAD people would be buried standing up under a Darwin council plan to make better use of space at cemeteries.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They're going straight to hell.

As long as humor in epitaphs is allowed, this would be one last chance to be a stand up comic.

They've already tried burying three people in the same grave plot. The one tombstone read "Here lies Steve Williams, a good lawyer, and an honest man" -- Steve Williams was neither.

A real stand-up guy?

It's a good thing that they qualified them as DEAD people.

It seems like a better method than in being used in Greece. With cremation being more taboo, you essentially rent the space and have bones to deal with at the end of the term.

In one state where we have a home, it came out several years ago that "eternal" rest was actually guaranteed for 99 years, or until the last person to have known the deceased was unlikely to protest.
After that, the plot could be resold.
I never heard what was supposed to happen to the body.
However, for those who object to this plan, might I suggest protest signs reading, "No! We will not stand for this!"

I hope they at least have the decency to bury them with arch supports.

Why not head first?

Or after goin' thru a trash compactor? Couldn't hurt ...

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