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March 03, 2013


The 47 year old professor who works at Newcastle University’s school of architecture, planning and landscape, used a screwdriver to scratch words such as ”very silly”, “really wrong” and “arbitrary” on luxury cars including a Mercedes, an Audi, a Volvo and a Mitsubishi.  He did all of which wearing only a suit jacket and underpants.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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What? A Volvo? I thought that was the acceptable European sedan to Humanities faculty types.

(BTW, is "architecture, planning and landscape" the feng shui of the Engineering School?)

Michigan law requires that persons committing vehicular vandalism be fully dressed. Unless the vehicle is a Prius, of course.

Stylin', dude. Two thumbs up.

When architects go bad. Banksy is sooo jealous.

I didn't think architects and engineers were allowed to have screwdrivers.

that sounds so pythonic!

Mitsubishi makes a luxury car?

Well, sort of (the Gallant?), but they do make SUVs, which may have been what ticked off the plastered Prof.

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