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March 25, 2013


Authorities arrested an Onalaska bride after her wedding reception on Sunday for stealing rings from the venue, according to police reports.

Key Detail: An employee found the bride’s bra insert near where the case had been.

(Thanks to JenLoKe7)


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um, what's a bra insert? and why did she leave it behind? little help ladies?

Stealing rings from a venue? Probably easier than stealing a ring or two from a bathtub...

By the way, what's a venue? I thought venusian but then again...

Just saw the picture. Yikes! Mind bleach, stat!...

Yikes, indeed! Too much ice fishing can be hard on the complexion!

The Case of the Missing Bra Insert - Perry Mason is on the case!

Let's see, I'm 62 and she looks old enough to be my mother. Wonder if the groom checked her birth certificate?

76 rings with a value of $1000? What kind do rings were they?

Onalaska, the gateway to Sheboygan as well as the halfway house for Chippewa Falls.

Did anyone else read the comments in that article? The bride has a LOT to say! She claims to be very sick with cancer and the rings accidently fell into her stuff. I don't know what to believe. (She does have very good typing skills though.)

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