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March 13, 2013


But dammit, we love it.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Looks like another episode of Friends, which has been

rerun to death...

Sorry, but in this house, I'm on AT&T "Lightning Fast DSL" which means a five minute clip takes approximately one hour to load. Play the clip for two seconds, freeze, then load for nine seconds.
It also forgets where it is halfway through and has to start over.
AT&T, the low-flow toilet of the digital world.

I'd really like to watch this video, but too busy watching the "chimney cam".

Love it! So that's what happens during a guy's night out!

Steve - you have my sympathy. One of my best days as Household Director of IT was firing every last vestige of ATT-ness, Internet, land lines, cell phones and all. God, it felt good.

Future Chiropracters. There is no chance of anyone present to be accepted into medical school.

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