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March 16, 2013


A pair of Italian developers have created an alarm clock smartphone app designed to help users wake up with math games and other tasks.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That is the most UN-Italian thing I have ever heard of. I'd expect them to make an app that estimates how late your train will be, or an instant pickup line generator.

I can't solve difficult math problems when I'm wide awake! If a hammer doesn't work try throwing it out the window.

Hmmm. There are two objects always in reach of my bedside, one being a phone which could, I suppose, run this app, if there's an Android version, and another which could easily if noisily turn it off.

For a more challenging course in the morning, try one of these little clocks. There used to be only one model, but now I see everybody's got one. Makes me glad I don't sleep downstairs from anyone.

This is not new. I've had an alarm app for my Android for quite a while already which includes that feature. The puzzles are optional, and I've felt the need to use them.

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