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March 05, 2013


Assuming you can read it.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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10 times a day?!! Is this related to the sequester?

There are two reasons why you might not be able to read this, the other one being the nasty font.

Can I do it til I just need glasses?

Define "excessive."

Stop spanking the Survey Monkey, please.

They make a lotion for that.

10 times a day. Another example of the excesses of the 1 percenters.

Now they are just bragging.

97% of the respondents work in the U.S. Capital building.

Several people in the US dealing with problems of addiction? Several, as in only a few? And if we find these people and help them, we won't have any more addiction problems? That's nice.

During my PhD studies (Human Development) I had to take more than one sexual development class. One professor was fond of saying, "Adult males, on average, achieve three orgasms a week - one way or another."

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