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March 19, 2013


Bridge goes missing in western Turkey

(Thanks to jon harris)


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[assumes bad John Wayne affect] Why do ya think they call it "Western" Turkey, Pardner?

Hey, you know what those go for on the open market?

It all started to go bad when the Brits sold London Bridge to Arizona. If you believe that, I have a bridge...

We can't joke about this, families are being torn apart with worry -- Oh wait, I thought it said BRIDE goes missing. Never mind.

As long as they don't lose the canasta table... what?

I blame the Visigoths.

I blame tourists.

Be on the lookout for trolls.

This happened about 25 years ago in Rockcastle (really) County Kentucky. This guy dismantled the guard rails of an overpass and sold them for scrap.
Difficulty: the overpass crossed over I-75 and was fully visible to police for the couple of weeks it took the one-man wrecking crew to do his work.

The authorities have nothing to go across on.

Was it over troubled waters?

How regularly could the villagers have been crossing if no one, knows nuthin?

This just awful and terrible.

As a side note if the villagers are interested replacing the bridge I know a guy who knows a guy who might happen to have few bridges that fell off the back of a truck cheap. If not interested in a bridge, he also might have a few trucks that fell off the back of a bridge.

A Bridge to Never Land, eh?

(Waiting on the sequel!)

"Dude, where's my bridge?" the stoned guy stuttered.

The CSI team moved in quickly, and questioned all
the other Bridges: Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges,
and Beau Bridges. They tried to locate Nash Bridges but could not find him.

A bridge too far?

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