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March 19, 2013


Flowerhorn spotted in Thailand bears resemblance to U.S. rapper

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Flowerhorn cichlids are man-made hybrids which do not exist in nature."

So the resemblance is more than just physical.

The resemblance seems strongest around the mouths. Evolution, baby.

I saw that fish warming up for KISS back in '86. Helluva show.

Now there's a fish that finished his school.

It's nice to get a break from all the Jesus sightings.

Mr Mojo Risin' bouffant pink hair.

Jim - The Doors

Why is it that we never see knotty pine or bird droppings that look like Manilow? Or Nugent, for that matter? Fish, I can understand.

Fishy probably even sings better than Nicki, if not I'm sure they'll use Otter-Tune.

And Omni, if you really underdtand Fish, you have a new career as "The Fish Psychic"...!!!

I tried out for fish whisperer, but it kept coming out "glub, blub, glub ..."

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