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March 24, 2013


It's an epidemic!


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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"Amos White was a homeowner,
And he dearly loved his place.
He heard a noise, and he looked up,
A see-dan ... in his face.

The driver claims the brakes had failed,
The car flew through the air.
They found Amos White six blocks away,
He was runnin', he was scared.

Oh, somebody smashed a Glendale house,
And the cops have got it solved.
Yes, somebody smashed a Glendale house,
You can guess what ... was involved.

They had to bring a great big crane,
It was really quite a slog.
Yes, somebody smashed a Glendale house,
And it showed up ... on the blog."

New Drivers of the Purple Sage

Close 149 control towers due to the sequester and this is what happens.

A Wynn-Wynn situation.

That's amazing that they accomplished that. I could never do that.

When parking at an angle, aren't you supposed to turn the tires toward the curb, or perhaps the chimney?

I'm flying! I'm flyyyyy...well, shoot.

The couple was driving down a steep street when they lost control and the car suddenly became airborne.

So much for the FAA's plan for pilots to comunicate with other pilots during takeoffs and landings.

Does it mean Californians are better drivers than the Brits? These folks made it all the way to the roof while yesterday's flying car went through a wall.

Freebie: Hi, Fred. We got a little accident. Could you send a tow truck, please, to 618 Elm Street? Hold it. It's the, uh, third floor, apartment 304.

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