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March 07, 2013


Man so drunk the jail would not take him in

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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I've had this happen when I worked in the emergency room. The jail is liable for them and if someone who is too drunk stops breathing and dies in the jail, which can happen, the jail can be held accountable. We had one young guy brought in who had been out drinking with his so-called friends. He had alcohol poisoning and ended up on life support. The police found him in a ditch where his buddies had dumped him. He died a few hours after we put him on a ventilator. btw, he was 17 years old. My heart just shattered for him and his family. Sorry this isn't funny but I don't think some people realize how serious this can be.

Yeah, dude may have saved his life by staggering out and collapsing where he could get arrested in time. Past a certain point, alcohol is poison.

The tank has standards, you know.

Most jails I've inspected had a "drunk tank" that had a low (about 4" high) concrete pad in a corner with a drain in it. The guest was given an easily washable cover and put into "bed". If he fell, it would only be four inches.
I used to have a friend who claimed you weren't really drunk if you could lie in bed without holding on. Never happened to me. But I did put my foot on the wall once to keep the dam#ed thing still.

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