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March 05, 2013


Large, aggressive mosquito expected this summer

(Thanks to Joel Farr)


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Another dark revaluation: I once considered naming a character Anopheles Moske.

That was, of course, supposed to say "revelation".

They were as big as chickens, fluttering all around me with their little mosquito eyes glittering, and one says to the other "We better eat him quick before the large, aggressive mosquito gets here."

Weaponized mosquitoes. We're gonna need that Patriot Mosquito Battery, stat.

I think the agressive mosiquito was in his own movie a few years ago. The guy who played the "Arrogant Swat Member" isn't too bad.

If there's only one of 'em you can bet the farm it'll find me.

I hope to hell it's in Florida. We have enough trouble with the New Jersey Air Force crossing the river into PA.

Another reason for Joe Biden to promote shotguns.

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