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March 12, 2013


Within the span of five minutes, the Associated Press’ AP Mobile app pushed breaking news text alerts to users’ devices about Justin Bieber fainting and the budding nuclear showdown on the Korean Peninsula.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Biebs rubs white boots together. Produces white smoke. Vatican City rejoices.

Good to know the AP has its priorities sorted out.

Was some connection drawn? Did Bieber faint out of fear of nuclear war? Has Kim Jong Un gotten belligerant out of fear for the condition of his second-favorite musician? (I think we all know who his favorite musician is.)

Imagine the hilarious consequences if they'd gotten the two stories mixed up.

Pick a Pope already.

DAMM! (and for the faint-hearted DARN!)

Lets have a party!

It's a rare day that the AP can scoop

BOTH CNN & FAUX news!!!

I didn't even know this app existed, and moments after installing it, I learned that I wasn't selected to be the next Pope.

Hey, at least it is accurate!

But but but... his hamster died ! (JB, I mean)

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