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March 12, 2013


Township police dispatchers say they saw Tucker “get out of a car in the middle of Lexington Boulevard, pull up her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts while facing several security cameras.”

(Thanks to Bill Jones)


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I'll bet the bloggers of the male gender here will demand evidence.

Well, she had the means and the opportunity; what about motivation?

She may be changeing her name to Untucker. Or changing.

Mikey - I'm betting that the sight is truly a crime against humanity.

Tucker? I hardly knew her.

Mikey I think I'll pass on the evidence in this case. I suspect that if the exposed parts were not cringe worthy, the dispatchers would never have filed charges - assuming the dispatchers were guys of course.

Does the camera perk up and get longer... ?

How do you think Snooki was "discovered"?

MTV all over it.

Every time I drive through the Big Brother Republic of DC I get the same desire to moon something with a lens.

We also wanted photo evidence until we saw that she was our age...

HAMS, are you saying she's old? *sharpens machete*

Time to warm up the bikini waxing truck cindy?

Pretty shoddy reporting if you ask me. They didn't even ask what her blood alcohol level was.

The Asbury Park Press asked police for a photo of the suspect, but they declined.

I have a feeling it's a good thing they couldn't publish a photo. Most nudists are people you don't want to see naked.

It's just not safe to be a truck driver anywhere these days, without persistent dangerous distractions.

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