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March 13, 2013


Watch the video. Then please explain it to us.

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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Tokyo’s Strapya World, that says it all.

I think it's PTSD from all the Godzilla attacks.

Robotic micro-honeywagon!

It's a Ko Ko Kachoo. Which was developed into the Yoko Ono as mentioned if you play the commercial backward.

Dave wrote a book about Japan. He can explain it.

I did not watch the video, because ... well, because. I did read the article, and here's what I think is happening.

Somewhere, a really drunk Japanese engineer mistook a Roomba for a whizarium. Afterwards, he thought, "Damn, if only that were square, other drunk Japanese engineers like me would buy it."

That's only a hypothesis.

No bidet?

If they are low flow, we don't want them.

I don't care about that obvious toy, here's a device that shakes your beer to give it a head.


If your toilet runs away from you for more than four hours, see a health professional.

Whatever he was "passing" was too disgusting even for the toilet-like device.

Here you go, Dave. Perfect for the Gift Guide.

You are watching a ball game.
You have a beer in one hand and the tv-remote on the other.
You need to go.
You take the remote, and the small toilet comes to you.
You send away the toilet.

What a whiz kid.

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