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March 06, 2013


"It would seem to be a very dangerous way to carry a loaded firearm."

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Just in case you want to know what this beauty looks like...

What's the old rule, "Gun 'er in the front, meth 'er in the back", right?

Yeah, them things cab be even more dangerous than loaded guns ...


As someone who has a concealed carry permit, I have to congratulate her for her clever thinking.

good thing she didn't have the Uzi with her, ouch

A J-frame is just a tad too large for that, or, to look at it another way, if it isn't, then the person carrying it is.

I think that was an NAA mini pistol. Still, crotch carry? Quim-Draw M'Craw.

Major snork for Loudmouth.

Freedom Arms, I believe, at least per the article. NAA has similar units, though.

Happiness is a warm gun

My friend had a gun like that. It is tiny and I can believe the story. I saw him hide it in his armpit once.


Bloomberg bans booty banger.

I don't think it was her booty she was hiding it in.

"You can take my gun from my cold dead.....never mind"

What a crack shot!

Some people do like their sex toys. She just wants one that can give her a bigger bang.
Fortunately, no one has been able to locate that darned trigger.

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