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March 07, 2013


"The foil wrapped around his head secured by a baseball cap was there to prevent microwave signals from entering his head."


(Thanks to Matt Filar, Chuck Cody and DaninTustin)


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Too late.

He needs to shove some foil up his nose to keep the spray paint fumes from entering his head.

You see, the government is sending messages via microwaves from satellites and bouncing them off your heads, and so if you wear a tinfoil hat, you will be ok and not finding yourself suddenly doing crazy things for no good reason . . . hey, wait a minute. Something wrong with this plan.

Buck-toothed Gapped Wearing a Fine Tin Foil Hat opened for Led Zepplin. Maybe it was vice versa.

and we joke about the tin foil hatters.

The kind of publicity 'Parker Drilling' wasn't hoping for.

Man, Bob Dylan is not aging well.

Too late. He's cooked. Overdone, in fact.

His clever plan is working fine when we consider that none of said signals are escaping from his head.

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