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March 25, 2013


Law allows people to “to drive home from their nearest pub after having two or three drinks on little-used roads driving at very low speeds.”

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Jeff Schneider)


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This is foolproof!

When pink elephants get drunk they see Irishmen

what could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Ahhhh, me PEOPLE, bless us. We're quite brilliant, y'know, especially after the 3rd pint.

Difference between US and Ireland: here the assumption is that little old men are a menace on the roads, period. The Irish think we are safe enough, even when drunk. Since I am eligible for Medicare I will consider re-locating if I can learn the language.

I'll get ye started on the language, m-lar. First lesson is that "gheoibaidh" is pronounce "yo-ee." Drink enough so that makes sense and you'll be ready for your next lesson.

Define slowly.

Wait, maybe...you need to have a pint for the magistrate who MIGHT stop ya...

Clever, very clever...

I've driven around in Kerry late at night. I understand where this is coming from, although the story I read suggests that it was much more about preserving pub profits than pub culture. As in, the Gardai ("gar-dee") have been arresting too many of his customers.

padraig owns this thread and I expect him to take full advantage.


padraig, I play the bodhran (pronounced bo-ron). 'Tis an odd language.

LZ, you know the proper tool for tuning a bodhran, don't you? A pen knife.

And you know what they call someone who hangs around Irish pubs annoying the musicians? A bodhran player.

Also, back on topic, bear in mind that what Ireland calls a "back road," Americans would call a "bike path." It's actually quite safe, if your car goes off the narrow road there are trees and livestock immediately alongside that will gently redirect your vehicle back onto the road. I can vouch that it works quite well with rented Fiats.

Seems reasonable.

I can vouch that it works quite well with rented Fiats.

Ha-ha! I literally (literally!) laughed out loud at that one. It reminds me of an "adventure" a (sadly late) dear friend and I had with a rented Yugo. It didn't take much of a shunt for the rear-view mirror to fall off...

My maternal grandmother was a Callahan and I've traced the line back to a John Callahan, born in Dublin, abt. 1748. I will now have that part of meself demonstrate the Irish Definition of Drunk:
As two Irishmen exit a pub they see a man lying face-down in the gutter.
One says to the other, "Aah, would you be lookin' at that fella, now! He's drunk!"
The other replies, "He is no such thing! I saw him move!"

Rented Pugeots also. They didn't even charge me for the missing mirror.

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