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March 09, 2013


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Insurance Professional of the Week.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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"Like a good neigh-borrrrr..."

And his brother Harry.....

really??? who does that. oh. georgia. never mind.

Oh dear.

Padraig? You do know who wrote that jingle, right?

Thanks for a great morning earworm!

Dam shame. There's a nickname I'd change in a flash.

Actually, I've known some insurance agents, and I would say they would NEVER get tired of a nickname like that. Never, ever, ever. We're talking illustrated stationery.

Probably sells a lot of hole life Insurance.

queensbee - he's here in Atlanta (not far from me) In as much as there are almost no native Georgians in Atlanta, he's likely from Up Nawth,from whence they have exported their worst drivers, making this a paradise for carpetbagging insurance agents.

What in the world were his parents thinking?

His parents were randy beavers, hence...

So true Pogo. I am a native Georgian so I appreciate that. btw, my insurance man's last name is Pecker. I find it hard to discuss my insurance needs with him sometimes. ISIANMTU.

"Ward, I'm worried about the Beavers...."

Want to know how I can tell you're not a 'Merican?

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