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March 11, 2013


A 70-year-old man in eastern Sweden was given a shock at the weekend when he was awoken by a young man who managed to creep into his bed after a night of heavy drinking.

(Thanks to Johan in Sweden)


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"Creep" is the right term.

So the police decided he had "no bad intentions" and just let him walk home?

Where would that kind of sensible policing lead if we tried it in this country? I think we'll stick to the usual taser-arrest-sue for damages method.

awakened. just correcting

"Gnarp". Now, that's a name to recon with.
Wonder what it means?
Maybe, "Gnarp!" is the sound one makes in such situations.

No one has mentioned pining for the fjords yet?

Put up window screens. That will fix it.

Sweden has drunks? who knew?

Uhm, seriously, this isn't news....

Gnarp is prang spelled backwards...

Hi, If wood ticks breath through their butts how do they ever get a breath of fresh air?

My brother-in-law from a previous marriage, was once arrested for getting drunk, going into a house and getting in bed with a married couple, and trying to have sex with the wife. He said he didn't notice the other guy being there. Sounded reasonable to me.

Actually I just remembered, he lived in Sweden for a while when running from the Army in the 60s.

Sweden is tough on DUI's. Walking home drunk is much more acceptable.

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