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March 03, 2013


Adventurer bids to pull giant boobs across Antarctica

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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It's like some magical frozen sequel to "Hands Across America."

Against my will, I'm reminded of a Paul McCartney song.

"ADVENTURER Geoff Wilson is preparing to cross Antarctica pulling a sled moulded into the shape of his wife's breasts.

He's married to Olympe Maxime?!?

Haven't the Kardashians gotten enough of a free ride already?


How did you get the link to open? I tried 4 different browsers and got "timeout" or "bad gateway" errors on all of them.

Headlights are OONNN.

Will they use a boob sled?

Spiny Norman, it won't open for me either.

It seems to be loading very slowly right now. Could be that The Sun is having a bad internet day.

Romantic. Maybe.

I am all in for breast awareness.

I can get to the website now. I think the problem before was all the blog guys going to the site so they could see some boobs.

What issue of National Geographic was this in ?

Smallest giant boobs I've ever seen.

While it is for a good cause, there is much potential for this to become a bust.

Dolly Parton?

The nipples will get taller in the cold.

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