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March 06, 2013


Half-naked woman, 28, 'flees scene of DUI crash at her trailer park home in child's battery-operated toy truck'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"...she was stopped by police on a toy truck not wearing any pants." Calling Mr. Language Person....

Grammar concerns aside, did anyone else notice that she ran into her trailer home?

Who else noticed she is a "mother". I feel sorry for the kids. No Lego will be safe when she gets a drunk on.

This kind of behavior in Arkansas? I am shocked!

It was a "mobile home". Maybe it just jumped out in front of her?
Did $200 worth of damage! It was totaled!

Pantsless Monday?

I'm shocked I tell you that it didn't happen in Florida.

"Would someone get some pants on this truck over here?"

It's too bad there wasn't a riding lawn mower available.

It would have been funnier if the getaway vehicle had been a tricycle or a Segway.

Adding to incredibly, etc. is KTLA 5 news anchor, Jessica Holmes, who' is reporting the story trying very hard to look like a drunken Jamie Craft.


An all electric escape car? Must be one a them eco freaks.

The judge should take away her drivers license and require that she have training wheels on her trailer home.

This sounds like it could be an episode of My Name is Earl, with Jamie Pressly easily playing the role of her namesake Jamie Craft.

Arkansas "bucket lists" can be a little scary

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