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March 17, 2013


Man in motorized cart shoots Walmart employee in dispute over dog, police say

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "This headline was almost inevitable.")


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nursecindy has been leading a crusade for years to get those stupid motorized carts banned. They do not belong in untrained civilian hands.

We are not paying our Walmart employees enough.

First, a cop in Alaska in March wearing a short-sleeve shirt? Having a warm spell where it got all the way up to 15?
Second, a "service animal" that is barely more than a pup?
Walmart must be inured to the goings on to be that casual when one of their own gets shot.

Doubt I'd wanna get medical care in Anchorage ... story sez the "hospital was in table condition" ... (YES, it DOES. Read it again.)

Horses? Cows? Mooses?

Whutever , sounds less than sanitary, not to even worry about sterilityness.

armed and dangerous, legless and even more dangerous,

* ... tosses an 's' up there to make it "stable" ... dang fat fingers! ...*

Anchorage Police later admitted that none of the parties involved (except the dog) was naked, apologized, and promised to do better in the future.

"Pay less, *Live better" (*note all walmart shoppers actually survive the shopping experience, but those who do definitely live better)

Incredibly, this didn't happen in Flathead County!

nursecindy has been leading a crusade for years to get those stupid motorized carts banned. They do not belong in untrained civilian hands.

Yes I am Jeff. Someday the scooter people will rise up and kill us all! btw, my crusade does not include people who really need them.

That headline does sound like it came from one of those magnetic kits where you put together phrases on your refrigerator. We should make our own headline generator. Here's some pieces I thought of right away:

Chuck E. Cheeze
911 caller
Tattoo parlor
Flathead County
heavy drinking
men's room
university study
federal agency
eluded capture

Of course:
- naked
- Phukhet
- assaults [husband/wife/boy||girl friend/police] with [object]
- crashes into [retail || civic] building
- with [creature] stuffed in pants


I shop at this Walmart. I too believe the carts should be better regulated. I don't know about elsewhere, but I'm surprised that an actual disabled person was able to get one. The only people I've seen on them before were teenagers from a certain ethnic group. Not PC to name them. Perhaps the shooter was overcome with frustration when asked to leave the store after finally getting a scooter? Perhaps the Walmart employee, having never seen a disabled person on the carts, told the shooter that he had to give up the scooter for the able bodied, yet drunken, teenagers?

all good headline choices.
naked 911 caller wth 57 steaks stuffed in his shorts arrested in flathead county.

or something. the new york post was famous for similar headlines, such as nude model found dead in bed. didnt matter where or when or who. nekkid and dead sells papers. people only read that paper for the sports pages anyway.

Don't all parents know that kids under 12 and pets ....should be kept on leashes? Geez, go read your Mr. Spock! (Yes, I'm not serious)

Agree, funny man ... let those pets run free ...

Anyone have any tips for finding space to fit University graduating daughter's "stuff" back into parental home bedroom?

Jan-i-G ... when y'all unload the moving van, leave the stuff in the driveway & have a rummage sale ... Anything that doesn't sell, she can keep ...

(Nah ... din't werk fer us, either ...)

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