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March 05, 2013


 Female Brains Are Smaller Than Male Brains, But Used More Efficiently

(Thanks to coscolo)


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I must reveal a shameful secret: I have always found the word "hippocampus" to be hilarious.

I've always worked with a "Marriage Motto" that has served me well over the years.
"This would be a wonderful time to shut up."

Nyah, Nyah. They don't appreciate fart jokes like we do.

hippocampus... Where teenaged hippos go to school.

Excuse me? To keep track of all of our shoes? Would any of you blog guys like to add anything?


I have the Bikini Wax van all ready....

As far as shoe shopping goes let me just add...ooh, something shiny!

MikeyVA, lets dial it up to extra hot and sticky.


We will stop by Jeff's house FIRST. I am heating up the wax, if you have the cloth strips and the leather thong he can chew on.

Jeff, see that van outside of your house?

Considering where women usually tell us our brains are, and considering the--ahem!--parallel female body parts, I would have to agree with the headline...much more efficient. ;)

MikeyVA, I can handle Jeff. I know his wife. I think we should start with this guy. Then we'll go after Allen.

Making list NC,

1.Jeff (check)

2. The guy who may or may not write hilarious books.

3. Allen

We are going to need more wax and cloth strips.

Hope you're enjoying the visit to Brooklyn, Mikey, especially with me still here in Florida.

ha ha

*ducks and runs very fast*

Memo to NC and MikeyVA, don't forget the tweezers for bits the wax leaves behind.

Calling you "efficient" is an insult?!?


I'm gonna look it up-- must not mean what I thought.

Does this campus make my hippo look fat?

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