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March 13, 2013


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Well, I wasn't having a bad day, until I dared to click on that story.

I'd love a job where I earned $6,000 *per month*, not just per hour!

Oh for cripes sakes - You're rich. Pull up your pants.

I agree Ms.Flukey. The little dweeb needs to pull up his pants and put on a shirt. Dave should try Bieber's hairstyle though.

What the hell? Is he doing the wannabe-prison-gang-droopy-drawers thing with tightie-whities? Seriously??? He may be stinking rich, but he's still a dork.

On that note: anyone else guessing he'll be in rehab AND bankruptcy court before he's 30?

He isn't now?

He's...too sexy for his clothes....too sexy....

Or at least HE seems to think so.
He needs a belt.
Which statement can be interpreted in several ways.

If he ever comes out with a cologne it will smell like vinegar and water IYKWIM.

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