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March 15, 2013


Apparently the new pope does not wish to meet with Dennis Rodman.

...during his CBS interview from Vatican City Rodman was wearing a T-shirt and hat promoting a gambling website.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Hoping for the coke & Cristal communion.

Regarding Rodman's hat: On Wednesday, I heard an NPR report that some students at a Boston Catholic University had a "Pope Pool" going. I thought that was quite ironic.

Are we gonna have to make room for him in our handbasket, or will he have a private one?

So the first thing we know about Francis I is that he has good taste.

I looks like Dennis' bodyguard is also named Francis.

I'd like to know who let Rodman out of North Korea.

Rodman reportedly suggested he and the new pope would get along well, as well as be able to wear identical
dresses. (The pope wears cassocks, similar to the
uniformed to a dress that opens.)

Rodman has lost his charisma, not to mention his cocaine riddled mind. A job for metta world peace. Obviously.

If you think about it, really think. Ask yourself this question. Do Catholics really need to be reminded of Madonna's love life before she had Jesus?

i think the guys from men in black are correct... this guy is definitely an alien....

Gotta give Dennis points for effort.

Not wanting to meet with Rodman: one thing the pontiff and I have in common.

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