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March 01, 2013


A restaurant in France has been closed after health inspectors said they found a boiling pot of caterpillars in the kitchen.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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You just can't get good French food like that here in the U.S. What kind of wine goes with boiled caterpillar?

i'd like to see them worm their way out of this one...

Sniff. Everyone knows that the preferred epicurean stage of caterpillar is the cocoon.

Snails, caterpillars, whatever.

Frogs cooking caterpillars. Seems appropriate.

What kind of wine goes well with caterpillars?
Probably something like MD 20/20.
A LOT of 20/20.
Or, even better, that liquor with the worm in the bottom of the bottle. Down a whole bottle of that and you're primed, anyway.

They should know better. Boiling takes all the vitamins out of them. Steam 'em instead.


A pot of maggots would have become French Flies. Caterpillars become French Beurreflies.

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