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March 10, 2013


A mother who went to Bartow Middle School for a meeting left the campus under arrest for carrying a handgun, a stun gun and drugs, according to a police statement.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Do NOT mess with her kid.

Those PTA committee meetings CAN get kinda testy.

Clearly she was a Girl Scout...or a ninja.

Anybody notice that the picture was a fifteen year old booking photo?
I don't have a concealed-carry permit. How lenient are the requirements?
"OK. We have this, this, and that. But have you been arrested lately?"

I dunno about FL; I have a NH carry permit. You need three people to swear you're a character, a criminal background check, and the approval of your police chief based on the answers. However, according to the courts, blindness is not necessarily a disqualification.

Mebbe she merely ... um ...

Nah, I got nuthin' ...

Nodak CC permits have two classes ... #2 requires a comprehensive "lesson" on laws & consideration of using deadly force, then passing an open-book test with ALL correct answers (and a couple are definitely "tricky" questions, requiring rational and analytic thought), if one passes, they are fingerprinted, must supply two passport-type photos, then turn the application over to city LEOs, if approved it then goes to the count sheriff, if approved it then goes to BCI, a division of the state Attorney General's office. They do a background check (NICS-type) ... if all is OK, they issue the permit, which is good for five years (and revokable @ any time if violations or crimes occur). Cost is $45, plus class fees & pix. The AG's office will NOT remind us when renewal is due, and we must apply for renewal 90-180 days before expiration, or start over. (I know a couple guys who forgot to renew, & wuz embarrassed becuz they're both in the "firearms trade" ...)
Class 1 is the same, but more class time and a rather demanding demonstration of skills (handling the ordnance, & marksmanship) is required. (This one includes reciprocity with more states than the Class 2.)
/end TMI

O, just move to Wisconsin. Just show 'em your state legislature ID and they'll issue you a CC permit. You might have to promise not to shoot any Republicans, but even that isn't binding.

Stay tuned for her reality show, coming way too soon to a tv in your doctor's waiting room.

Florida Moms don't count against the NRA. It's in the constitution.

Hey, when she shuttles kids and their friends around town...sometimes you need to exert control (and fear) or the kids will run wild!

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