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March 05, 2013


Lamborghini unveils $4 million car - the Veneno

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Yes, Sir, I know it's pricy, but just consider what that four million dollars is buying you.

What, exactly?

Well, um, an Italian car.

Veneno Disease?

As a Junior in High School, I knew a guy whose parents bought him a Shelby Cobra to play around in. We boys would say, "Boy, his parents must love him."
One day, I was with my father when this guy drove by, laying rubber at about 45 after shifting up.
"Boy," my father said, "his parents must hate him."

Wings are extra?

HA! I have three of these on blocks in my front yard!

When I turned 16 and got my license Dad gave me the Pontiac... A 73 Grand Am with a 400 cu in V8. I can't imagine giving a 16 year old a car like that today. I'm amazed I didn't get more speeding tickets in it.

Did blow the head gasket, however.

I went car shopping this weekend. For some reason my Mercury's check engine light has been on for over a year and I'm tired of looking at it. I have a small piece of electrical tape over it but I know it's still there. After pricing several cars, I've decided to embrace the check engine light and learn to love it. btw, if one more car salesman calls me "Miss Cindy" I'm going to punch his lights out.

Driving Miss Cindy - crazy.

Just go buy some more shoes.

*runs away*

*runs after wiredog with a machete*

Was recently car-shopping with Hubby, and after salesman referred to One as "she" twice while speaking, within One's earshot, with aforementioned hubby, One marched out of showroom like $hi* off a shovel, throwing appropriate comment over One's shoulder en route. Cindy, 'ThinkGeek' have custom-made stickers for those pesky warning-light doo-dads.

But think how many bodacious chicks you could pick up (with new shoes) in a $4,000,000 car !

My birthday is right around the corner, & I've been dropping hints like crazy, but I don't think The Wife has picked up on it.

Well, if it don't got at least 5 cup holders, I ain't innersted.

I need something more practical.

$1 million per inch of penis.

$4 million for the car is only the start -- think of the cost of maintaining the fancy pigeons you need to crap on the windshield; ordinary birds are beneath consideration.

My question is, what if Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Tiger Woods all show up at the same party in their Venenos? That would be SO embarrassing.

Lambos look so darn cool. Can I get it in a hybrid?

That car ought to make Dave's Christmas gift guide.
After all, it sure beats playing with your wienermobile....

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