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March 11, 2013


Normally, cotton fabrics are highly flammable. But when scientists tried to set fire to cotton coated with herring sperm DNA, the fabric refused to burn, the team reported in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location)


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Now if they can just get rid of the "fishy" odor...

That's because the fabric was too busy saying "Get it off of me! GET IT OFF OF ME!"

I wonder if the same is true for teenage boys' socks.

Socks -- at least the ones I had as a kid -- don't burn anyway. Know-it-all that I was, I proved this to my younger siblings ... by placing one on a kerosene heater. I was right, but the results were not pretty.

I think the important question here is, do you have to iron fabric coated with herring sperm? Even worse, is it dry clean only? I think I'll just stick with my rayon.

Did you say SPERM DNA? Sorry, I'm hard of herring.

Why not dinosaur DNA? You could advertise it as Jurassic Park no-spark.

Could this explain why Newt's candidacy never caught fire ?

Oh, those whacky scientists.

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