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March 03, 2013


PSL woman squats, coughs, and then it 'appeared'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Sounds like she had half her bathroom cabinet stuffed up there.

And her laundry, Jeff. I guess 'squat and cough' is preferable to going through the dirty socks drawers.

Well ... she din't ACTUALLY lie ... she din't have anythin' "ON" her ...

Hope she's got her lawyer's phone number up in there somewhere, if not her actual lawyer.

May have seen Squats, Coughs and Appears open for Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

But where is the other purple sock?

We are not paying our jail staff nearly enough.

The drug culture is rampant with innuendo.

Her prison nickname is going to be "Two Bags"...

Hey, you gotta keep that stuff warm somewhere!

Suzy, you want to keep it in a warm SAFE place. I get the impression her storage area is, errrr, well-trafficked.

Sounds like she could fit everything but the kitchen sink in there. It's apparently a roomy area.

I did not view this. I am afraid.

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