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March 06, 2013


Police baffled by cow poo mystery

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Appropriate related name "Greymouth Star"

Cow effluent? Here in the south we just call it plain old cow sh$t. You would never hear one of our good old boys saying, "Well lookie here Bubba. Somebody's done spread a bunch of cow effluent all over this here trailer's front porch". None of that fancy talk for us!

This is one of those crimes where you just know the perp has gotten more of this stuff on himself than on the victims. I bet a police dog could follow him home pretty easily.

Ewwwwww. Cow poop.

I suspect cows with diarrhea.

Most cows have diarrhea most of the time. BTW, linky no worky.

I saw Cow Poo Mystery open for Cheese String Incident.

or String Cheese Incident even.

Sometimes noon is too early.

I saw Effluent opening for Filter back in '98. Helluva show.

If this crime isn't solved quick! the shit is gonna hit the fan!

I wonder if the police have a cow of interest yet or are they treading lightly?

I may or may not have been involved in a similar incident in 1974, depending on whether the statute of limitations has run out and that cheerleader has run out of shotgun shells.

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