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March 17, 2013


Apparently freedom of speech does not extend to messages written on toilets.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Was the officer's face was flushed after reading the message?

Well, if any dang police officer try to get MY kids to stop taking meth, you better believe I'll.... ummm.....

A former police chief in Waco, Texas was furious about graffiti written about him by cops. He had the toilet stalls disassembled and sent to the Department of Public Safety for hand-writing analysis.

Hah! The joke's on that Waco sheriff! I wrote that all with my LEFT HAND, they'll never figure out it was me!!

Ummmmm.... can people in Texas watch this blog?

That's what she gets for relying on old technology, or
more precisely old porcelain.

If she had just sent a nasty email....

But she was definitely in the wrong. Wrong to do it,
wrong to brag, and the wrong kind of parent too.

Writing on the wall over a college urinal in 1970: " You now have Nixon by the neck. "

Padraig, you should be hearing sirens about now...

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