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March 08, 2013


Man Chokes Wheelchair-Bound Woman Over Last Piece of Chicken

(Thanks to Jeff Jacques)


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There's a choking the chicken image I didn't need.

I'm sure nursecindy will point out that it was South Carolina.

it's time to take another look at his "meds"

Absolutely Jeff. My mom told me a story about a family reunion she went to when she was a little girl. Everyone was at my great-grandparents house in Marion, N.C. and were having a great time until they realized there was only one biscuit left and two people wanted it. My great-grandpa reached over, took the biscuit, and threw it out the window to end the argument. So if you're ever walking down a street in N.C. don't be too surprised if you see a piece of chicken, or a biscuit, flying out of a dining room window. It's really the only way to deal with things like this.

Maybe he'll claim self-defense, in that she was beating up his hands with her neck...

"Finger-chokin' good!" was wisely suppressed by
the Colonel in his advertising campaigns, opting
for the "lickin'" option.

really nurse cindy! are you saying he should have thrown her out the window!

Hmmm ... not too far to the East of here, it'd be small arms fire coming out the window, not chicken and biscuits.

Hey, I wasn't there and didn't see what happened. Maybe she had it coming.

white or dark meat? it could make a difference...

I can't see fighting over food. Too funny.

In my experience, having grown up in a large family, the last piece is usually either a back or wing. Neither one of those are worth finding for. On the other hand I can recall many a free for all to determine who would get the first piece.

Why did the victim have to dial 911? Attacks like this can solved by the proper application of movable furniture.

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