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March 22, 2013


‘Whale bone porn’

(Thanks to Martini Shark)


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Why is Walter erasing his browser history all of a sudden...?

Be sure to see the photos


Don't know about everyone else, but don't have a huge deposit in my memory bank of when I was three, let alone two.

Remember the lady who wrote to the advice columnist worried because she'd been changing in the closet for 25 years and her husband walked in on her one day and got "excited"?
This has got to be her cousin.
How'd she get those kids, anyway?

Probably adopted them from Russia. They haven't banned Canadians from that, yet, far as I know.

Yes, Jan, but look where you are now. You had to have had some kinda trauma. :)

If you can't handle the exhibit--and I don't mean 'touch'--don't go there.

♫"if you can't do the time, don't do the crime..."
--"Eye of the Sparrow" (also them to Barretta)

Did anyone else skip the article and go to the link that said "nudity depicted"?

Cindy, too busy watching the gal who was pushed off a cliff by her "boyfriend", and as she was descending she told him he was history.

Walter is hopeful of new career in adult entertainment.

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