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March 15, 2013


Wisconsin Gouda wins U.S. Champion Cheese Contest

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Gouda for thema!

Well, there won't be any talking to padraig for the next few weeks. Sorry pad but you're the only Wisconsinite I know.

Bringing in the cheese... bringing in the cheese
We shall come rejoicing... bringing in the cheese

Gouda? Gouda!!!???? The most offensively inoffensive cheese not named "American" out there? Sure, if it was an aged gouda I could see it. Aged goudas are amazing. But a fresh one? Oy.


*sniff* I will ALways remember this day. This is like the Packers beating the Bears. In the NFC Championship. Just before Soldier Field drops into a sinkhole taking the entire team with it, including Jim McMahon and Fridge Perry, as they're having their jerseys retired. Plus the Cubs.

(Except of course, the Packers beat the Bears every year, so this cheese thing is actually better.)

Sorry cindy, did you say something? Diva?

You've Gouda have heart / All you really need is heart / When the odds are sayin' you'll never win / That's when the grin should start / You've Gouda have hope ...

Is it Gouda?
Of course it's gouda, i justa bought it

Finest cheese shop in the district.

I'm so sorry, seems like the cat ate it.

It's great to see how Wisconsin has rebuilt its devastated infrastructure so quickly after the mitten war. I guess those advisers we sent are really helping.

Now, about those reparation payments ...

*Snork* at Omni and Ralph. I'm sitting next to Ralph on the geezer bus.

Another *snork* goes out to H_S_I. Before Vatican II I'd a gone to hell just for recognizing the reference.

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