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March 05, 2013


President Hifikepunye Pohamba has called for scholars and researchers to assist in locating and returning the head of Oukwanyama King Mandume Ndeulikufa ya Ndemufayo

(Thanks to Joseph McConnell)


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Poor guy was parted-out like a stolen Camry.

Update: North Korea says it has missing head, will trade for Dennis Rodman and a used Camry.

Does it still retain the title "Head of State"?

Oh, too soon.

"Bring me the head of Oukwanyama King Mandume Ndeulikufa ya Ndemufayo."

And if they find the head of Alfredo Garcia, so much the better.

BTW, this is why proper names are not allowed in Scrabble.

If I run across it I'll be sure to let them know.

It won't get far on..


I'd like to buy a vowel.

As long as these guys stop filling up my inbox with Spam, I couldn't care less...

'stop filling up my inbox with Spam'
No, that's Nigerians. Namibians put cans of Spam© in your actual mailbox.

So President Pohamba is looking for a little head? Why is this news?

Sorry, left it in my other pants.

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