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March 10, 2013


Florida Man Owns More Than 2,000 Dolls

(Thanks to R&L Stevenson)


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Even though the dolls have overtaken his bedroom, he's happy to share the space.
I have a feeling Barbie is the only female that shares that space.

Cindy...I have a feeling that you are right. Just looking at his photo gives me this creepy Richard Simmonds feeling...... NTTIAWWT

Ed Wood would have melted them all down and made one humungous doll, followed by the creation of his Magnum Opus "Attack of the 50 Foot Barbie".

Well, it COULD have happened.....

hey, it could be worse...not sure how exactly, but it could be...

We didn't get to play "Guess the state"!

Holy cow! It's the real Waylon Smithers!

Florida must have been assumed.

No, H_S_M, mine are all Malibu Stacy dolls. Big difference, huge!

Cindy, there is a good possibility he may want to share that space with a man, NTTAWWT. But he is probably the only man in it.

Hey, I'll bet he gets LOTS of chicks over to his house to, umm, help pick out matching outfits?

We've been getting lots of coverage of this story down here - television and newspapers - and yes, he does have a boyfriend.


In unrelated news, Nanthawan of Phichit, Thailand is featured prominently on the front page.

So he's the doll man. I owned the original Barbie doll. That was it though. I was never big on dolls.

overheard at garage sale..."this is only stage one, it's all part of a bigger plan (to get someone to notice me, mommy...no, mommy"

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