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March 11, 2013


More than 2,800 dead pigs have been found in a major river that flows through Shanghai

(Thanks to Michael Ester and Bill Moore)


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OK, what happened to the other 200? Let's get moving.

Must have been Muslim farmers...because Chinese would rather eat than waste???

I saw the Dead Pigs in Lynchburg back in '82. Helluva show.

Well at least they didn't end up as a piece of art.

And they said the bacon shortage was a hoax

As God as my witness I thought pigs could swim.

it's got be the largest (documented) mass pig suicide (by drowning)* in 1852 there were witnesses to approx. 3200 pigs walking into an active volcano, but alas no photographic evidence exists...

In the name of the People's Pork Protectorate that bacon must shaved! Whoops, I mean saved.

*Snork* Ms Flukey.

I remember seeing the pig head next to the meat for sale. It was how we knew the street butcher in China was selling a fresh product. The price dropped on day three.

The daring experiment of crossing pigs and lemmings to make them easier to herd into the abattoir has had a setback, I see...

O'er the ham parts we watched....

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