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March 06, 2013


Ikea, the world’s leading flat-pack furniture retailer, has withdrawn chocolate almond cake sold in its stores in 23 countries after it was found to contain sewage bacteria.

(Thanks to dahook)


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Gave it that deep, deep chocolate hue.

Has anyone else noticed that with that DIY furniture, it really helps to have a few before starting on the project?
No, it doesn't improve the quality. It just makes the process more tolerable.

I'm not sure having a few really helps when you're putting together Ikea furniture, Steve. A few months ago I tried to put together one of their bookcases where the pieces lock together. I ended up nailing it together after about 2 hours of trying to lock the &*%$# pieces to each other. Never again.

Like my husband said: "When in this country did we accept the premise that we have to assemble our own furniture?"

The phrase "a piece of cake" has just taken on new meaning.

Apparently that is special chocolate on that cake. I have looked at their catalog but have never shopped at Ikea. I just never thought that I really needed to shop there.

Heard today that IKEA plans to operate hotels in Europe. Wonder if you will have to build your own bed?

And, what's wrong with gamey chocolate. It might go very well with horse meatballs.

I'd rather they realize at some point (soon) that they SHOULDN'T stick to furniture.

I've never had their Swedish Meatballs. I just always assumed that I'd have to roll them first before I could eat them.

And the so-called United Nations does nothing.

I wouldn't have a problem eating the cake as long as I didn't swallow an allen wrench; Ikea bacteria are nonfunctional until assembled.

The crust in the photo looks a lot like the stuff they make the furniture out of.

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