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March 20, 2013


17,616 Men Went to the ER for Zipper-Related Penis Injuries Between 2002 and 2010

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Michael Collins)


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"...zippered pants remain in circulation ..."

I thought that was the definition of not being in circulation.

WOW! lotsa guys can't get it out or back in their pants w/o injuring themselves? or is it just one guys who is a complete idiot?

They should be teaching safe zippering in school.

Key message here: wear underwear!

yeh, i'm with you horace! but you would think that men would be more careful with the organ they love and protect the most......

Ah, the old snake caught in the bear trap, eh?

That's an average of SIX per DAY!

WTG, guys!

HOWever ... is there no study on how many women suffer frum the same mishap? That sounds like discrimination!

I've seen several zipper related injuries in the er. They aren't pretty and judging from the guy's reactions they're pretty painful too. I won't mention how we fixed the problem but we started with a nice dose of I.V. Demerol. They didn't care so much after that.

Jeezely, n'cin' ... if they know they can get Demerol, now they'all ALL be doin' it!

C'mon cindy, you can share the details with us.


Let them do experience that for say 13 hours, then they can whine.

This blog is amazing. I realy like it!

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