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March 27, 2013


Man Finds Baby Squirrel in Bag of Mulch

And he raises it.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, R & L Stevenson and Rick Day)


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And this happened in Florida!!

Dave, get out while you still can!!

I may lose my blog card for this but I would have done the same thing.

Bleeding heart squirrel liberals will be the death of us yet.

But Loudmouth! It's so wittle and cute. How could you resist?

And when it grows up, you can turn it into stew!

He raised it? You mean, like the Priest elevating the host? Or like that car that landed on a roof?

I saw Bag of Mulch open for The Doors in '69.

Use BBQ Sauce

Perhaps this guys greatest achievement is getting a nice, respectable lady to say "nadtastic" on camera not once, but twice.

Well played, sir.

Florida and West Virginia are the only states where it is legal to keep pet native squirrel without a permit. The Blog needs to add a policy statement about this the next time he runs for office.

What kind of mulch are the ponies in?

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