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March 01, 2013


Truck crashes on I-80 in Reno, spilling Heinz ketchup 'everywhere'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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One serving at the drive thru.

Quote: “They are so fast and efficient."

Sheesh! Now even Heinz is apparently waterin' down their (Trademarked) product!

Mebbe their Quality Control department had too many Budweisers?

Corporate drama. The poison pill to avoid the takeover is kicking in, except they slightly misunderstood the concept.

"As a result, thousands of bottles and cans of ketchup were splattered onto the road like a bad horror movie."

Oh no.

Another Drivers' Ed classic horror movie is created...

Ketchup on the Highway.

This is what happens when you get stuck in the slow lane. You have to ketchup.

France surrendered and is sending fries.

I'm with Omni. Sounds like a problem with merging.

My condiments to the cleanup crew...

driver must'a been hot-doggin'

Jeffluence --
No ketchup on hot dogs for anyone over age of 11

It's a law.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be refrigerated.

Did someone smack a bottom to hard!

That's a little too much over-sharing, Mikey. We don't need to know how hard you smack your bottoms.

Clearly this sauce did not pass mustard. Someone's buns are gonna end up in hot water over this.

It must not have been bottle Ketchup because it would never have came out of the bottle.

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