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March 06, 2013


LEGO spill shuts down highway lane In West Virginia

(Thanks to jon harris)


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It's a blockade

I would stop and help clean up. I still have my Legos down in the basement and the best spaceship in the entire universe is sitting in a bin, waiting for the last child to leave the house so it is safe to bring into the light of day again.

I know what Legos can do to bare feet, so I understand why traffic had to be stopped.

Yeah, Legos are killers when stepped on, barefoot, in the dark. But give me a headless, naked Barbie laying in the dark for really making you dance.
Why has no one ever made a horror movie called "Headless Naked Barbie"? Every parent would relate.

I guess the repairs to the state capital will be delayed until they can get those pieces gathered up.

Those d@mn terrorist bastards! They were probably hoping the police would step on them in their barefeet. It's been my experience that while stepping on a Lego or Barbie hurts, you can't beat the pain from stepping on a Matchbox car, in your barefeet, at 2 a.m. btw, I'm not sure if 'barefeet' is one word or two. I watched a show last night called "Hard Core Pawn" and I think I'm missing about 50 IQ points this morning.

Evidently I am the only one old enough to remember jacks and what it is like stepping on them.

Watching Hard Core Pawn is a good way to understand why Detroit is the most miserable city, given that the Kilpatrick trial isn't being broadcast. But once is enough.

Omniskeptic, a woman tried to pawn her hair last night. WVplantman, I was the kid that left the jacks on the floor for my mom and dad to step on. A lot of my jacks ended up in the trash.

There went that lego town. Time to rebuild. I use to have a lot of legos. They were fun.

Cleanup is waiting for a 12 yr. old to build one of these.

I think it was a gift to the snow removal crews. Give them a cheery colorful job as a break from all that boring white stuff.

I'm fairly certain that I saw Mysterious LEGO open for The White Stripes. I could be mistaken...

So THAT'S what electric cars are made of!

What kind of a block-head is responsible for this?!


"give me a headless, naked Barbie laying in the dark for really making you dance."

Thinking of running for Senate, are you?

Did the Lego Chicken cross the road again?

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