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March 11, 2013


...is on the way.


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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C'mon, give her a break. She though i was a drive-through Subway (the sandwich shop.)

Sorry, funny man, it's not funny -- especially the part that "the woman will not be cited." WHAT?!!!!! That's right, folks, let's just have a laugh and then put this clueless person back on the road where maybe she'll misjudge stopping distance and plow into something or somebody else. I can buy accidentally putting the car into the wrong gear, but not stopping the car before it goes into the building clearly shows inadequate reflex to be behind the wheel. I guess it's more important that police keep up our "safety" by citing drivers doing 5 mph over the speed limit.

give her a break, she was probably listening to live coverage of The Conclave...

The trolls are running out of bridges, I see.

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