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February 16, 2013


...is it OK to fart mid-flight?

The experts' recommendation to airline passengers is an emphatic yes.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I had the privilege of attending altitude chamber training in the Air Force. One of the things I remember most was how my eyes were burning after they evacuated the air to simulate an altitude of 42,000 feet. Then they had us take our masks off and I suddenly knew the source of the irritation. Oxygen starvation wasn't the only incentive to put our masks back on. Wet gasses expand as the external pressure decreases. Even though commercial aircraft cabins are 'pressurized', the cabin altitude can still rise to 10,000 feet. Let fly indeed....

There's Nobel Prize worthy information in this article, namely that "women's farts smell worse than men's."

One would think that Mothers-in-law would be the worst, having the highest sulfur content - what with being from hell and all. Just my opinion.

Wolf, don't forget that "Woman Hitler" is an anagram of Mother-in-Law. Although I take a certain amount of umbrage at the corresponding anagram for Father-in-Law: Near Halfwit.


mid-air flatulence:
'in space, no one can hear' when
uranus has gas

More lift, less fuel.

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