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February 16, 2013


Police in Tennessee, in a black SUV and in full body armor, pulled over an elderly couple because they had a “suspicious” marijuana-ish (or so the cops claimed) bumper sticker on their car, that in fact was a buckeye leaf – the couple are Ohio State Buckeye fans.  The cops then ordered the couple to remove the bumper sticker.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Those flatlanders pull that crap around here, the Wisconsin State Patrol'll cavity search 'em until they bring Woody Hayes back into the daylight. Err, I mean, how awful and unsportsmanlike.

Hey, I have it on good authority that the South Carolina police did the same to nursecindy on her way home from seeing Dave in Atlanta.

It is abundantly clear that the Buckeye is simply Mary Jane that has grown next to an American "fast food" joint.

Oh, and I would have had issues with any policeman ordering me to remove a bumper sticker.
I don't care what it says, unless he has come to the site with court authority, it would stay where it was.
And I do not put bumper stickers on my cars, anyway.

Those cops deserve tar and feathers.

What I want to know is how those UM grads got police jobs in TN.

While police officers across country certainly appear dumb enough to do something like this, I couldn't find any proof anywhere in the story that it ever even occurred.

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