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February 01, 2013


The critic vs the Fanilow

Key quote: “There were middle-aged women going absolutely nuts,” said a spy.

(Thanks to John Semenec, who adds "Who couldn't be excited!")


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I wonder if Barry got my hotel key? I mean, how ridiculous. However, I am going to see Eric Clapton in April so there is a good chance I may do something similiarly stupid. Especially if he sings Layla. Sorry Judi. I think Dave mentioned in his book Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs that Layla is not one of your favorite songs.

The live version of Layla is darn good.

This is much the same reaction Dave gets at his book signings. Perhaps nursecindy will be able to share pictures if she seems him in Atlanta as threatened promised.

And perhaps Dave will sing "Mandy" too.


Was the deranged fan Hillary Clinton? Did she fall down and bump her head on the floor? That would explain the glasses and everything.

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