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February 04, 2013


First, belated thanks to the folks who have come out to see me at bookstore signings. I'm back home today but will be on the road again for the next two weeks, trying to track down the three remaining North American radio stations that have not yet interviewed me. Tomorrow night I'll be at Book People in Austin; Wednesday I'm at the Tattered Cover in Denver; and Thursday I'm doing Live Talks LA with my old friend and bandmate Matt Groening. Here's the whole book-tour schedule. Hope to see you out there.

Speaking of out there, you probably would appreciate an update on the Florida Python Challenge. According to this article,  a whopping total of 41 pythons have been killed, which means there are maybe 300,000 left. In other words: The pythons are winning.

Update: I'm about to do something called a "Spreecast." Pray for me.


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The pythons are winning.
That'll make Eric and John happy.

Dave, when you get there, remember to do your part to Keep Austin Weird.

Could you bring one of the pythons with you when you come to Chicago? Leave it downtown, though.

How many of the pythons have attended the Florida book signings? (NOTE: Don't count me as one.)

Great spreecast Dave and thank you for answering my question.

Jumped on for the last 10 minutes, and Dave appears to have survived from the "Spreecast" unharmed.

Carolyn is a sweetheart, and she has the same glasses as our daughter. Methinks she also may be somewhat starstruck.

I'd like to see a full-monty python contest

I hope that you are making an appearance in South Jersey and/or Philadelphia, as I would love to get a signed copy of your new book. Good luck with the tour!

Isn't a "spreecast" what some cats do?

Allen, hee.... ewww.

I'm watching now, almost 12 hours later. Jane Austen in South Florida, hee!

Aren't there boas constrictors in the swamps, too. Python, python, python. Will no one care about the boas?

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