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February 06, 2013


What happens when a ping pong ball moving at supersonic speed hits a paddle?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Oooh it looks like a new science lesson. You wouldn't think of a ping pong ball as supersonic anyway.

But can Siouxie do it with her machete?

Better not use my Double Happiness paddle to test the idea. I like the handwritten disclaimer "Do not do this at home. We have lots of college degrees and specialized equipment"

What ever happened to the concept of a super soaker filled with gasoline?

"Where's Dad?"
"He took the cat and some PVC into the garage and was mumbling something about supersonic."

Obviously needs to be included in the Gun Control Bill and registered with the proper authorities, if they can stop dancing around in their big, funny shoes and face paint long enough to be bothered.

They can figure this out, but yet many still cannot master the toilet paper roll installment.

Go to 5.54.

Spoiler alert:

The paddle loses.

Soon in CA you will be required to purchase liability insurance in order to buy and own one. Boxer and Feinstein are excluded of course. They are special.

Send this to Congress.

College degrees and specialized equipment are not necessarily related. Eons ago during a marine biology class I asked a Gloucester fishing boat captain why the nets didn't get tangled when tossed overboard. The answer: "They won't get tangled. Them's not professors; them's ignorant fishermen."

Forrest Gump could take it.

Have you noticed that the tubes in toilet paper roles are getting bigger. It's a conspiracy to make us think we are getting more paper.

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