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February 01, 2013


The quiet dignity of a court session was abruptly disturbed when someone loudly broke wind in the public gallery... and in a seemingly unrelated incident a few minutes later, all the lights went out for a few seconds before flickering back on again.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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harrrr!. what is that smell?

Mudstuffin had to go to court?

Odor in the court!


Your honor, may I approach the bench?


Well, at least it's not a jury of their pee-ers.

Sometimes the lights do seem to flicker when your eyes are watering.

Two nights ago, my six-yo grandson, watching TV, ripped one the ladies heard two rooms away.
I looked at his father. All three of us were grinning big time.
Don't ask me to explain it, ladies, it's a guy thing.

The dog was offended last night. Nothing like a look of disappointment from a Shih Tzu

Just as funny is the story in Most Popular: Yellow warning issued for snow in North East Lincolnshire.

I once went camping with my 60 year old father and his brother. They both farted and giggled all night long.

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